Who should be thrown out of England set up ?

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Firstly of course Capello has to go  because he got so many things wrong , then went back on all the things he said he wouldn’t do, also crucially he isn’t English. He showed no sign of justifying the highest salary of the football managers at the World Cup. He looked like he picked the substitutions out of a hat.  So he can disappear immediately and take all of the rest of the Italian staff with him.

Secondly, John Terry can go too as he thinks he is bigger than the team and gets away with murder.  He played like a pub team centre half against Germany and really doesn’t deserve the special treatment that he receives.  He undermined the manager at a crucial stage of the World Cup and quite frankly any of the other centre backs would have performed better than he did against Germany.

Players that should never have gone to the World Cup in the first place like Jamie Carragher, Robert Green, Emile Heskey and Shaun Wright-Phillips.  Players with no England future David James and Ledley King.

Most importantly the people that appointed Capello at the FA need to go especially whoever sanctioned the change to the contract only 3 weeks ago.  These people don’t learn anything, don’t listen to the country and have nothing in mind other than money.   We need people in there that understand the principles of sport not business.  If you have a product that people can relate too the money will come naturally.  There was no clamour to appoint Sven from the public or Capello so why they feel they need to pay them ridiculous money is baffling.  These people have made our once proud nation the laughing stock of football.  How can you talk to players about pride in the shirt when we are not even proud enough to appoint one of our own as manager ?  We need to get these people out and get Englishmen in on sensible salaries not ludricous ones.Live Football Online

We also need to get Englishmen back into management positions in the Premier League and prioritising English boys as players to groom rather than importing them from all around the world.

Don’t forget this isn’t cricket. There is real passion for our country in football and we are in danger of diluting it.  The England cricket team may be happy to field a team of South African rejects but the football supporters are far more patriotic.  Lets get this sorted now.

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England – We will blame the soft targets as usual

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Who are we going to blame for the complete disaster that is our World Cup campaign?   The soft targets I expect if you read the national papers.  I often think they are like a cartel that picks a target and that becomes a common theme.  We know that the targets will be Capello, Upson , Heskey and the referee that missed our Lampard goal.  We also know that they will roll out rubbish like it might have been different if we took Walcott or Hargreaves. Now 4-4-2 is alien to Wayne Rooney who has probably played it in 95% of the football matches he has ever played in. He didn’t get a shot in worthy of the name in four matches for goodness sake.  The system isn’t the reason for that. We would have won if he had played up front on his own? Do me a favour. Why isn’t it as simple as Wayne Rooney played like Drain Rooney?  He couldn’t trap a bag of sand in 3 of the 4 matches.  Why is Upson the main culprit at the back when John Terry was totally, yes totally, missing from his post for all four goals ?  He was absolutely terrible. He played like the kid in the under 10s who thinks he is better than everybody else and can play where he likes.  Much as they will talk like team men both Terry and Rooney play like they think they are better than the rest and positional responsibility doesn’t apply to them.

Why don’t we have a manager that can speak our language ?  Why do the FA continue to repeat the same old mistakes of overpaying foreign mercenaries to pick players for a job which is of national pride.  The Sun headline today is ‘You have let your country down’  well it is not Capello s country and he shouldn’t be in charge.  The FA have to take a stance and bring patriotism back into football.  You wouldn’t need to offer a patriot a ridiculously expensive contract and you would have somebody interested in the country progressing.Live Football Online

Heskey was on a hiding to nothing and I feel sorry for him because virtually everybody thought he shouldn’t even be there let alone starting and the same on a smaller scale applies to Shaun Wright-Phillips.  Upson was always going to get caned if we lost too but in my opinion it is Rooney and Terry that let us down on the pitch the most.  Capello has also made some ridiculous decisions that left us with no goal threat and our best midfielder playing on the left wing. That failed in Portugal 2004 {six years ago] and we are still trying to make it work now.  However the biggest culprits are the FA for continuing with their non patriotic policies.  Don’t they notice that the passion of the supporters for their country? Don’t they know that even if we had won there is little merit in it if it is masterminded by somebody from an opposing nation? They are in danger of breaking the fans spirit by not applying basic sport principles to the national team.

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Fabio – Please pick Joe Cole

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Fabio Capello has made few mistakes as England manager but he did make selection errors last time. Most stupid one being I don’t think that James Milner was a sensible selection bearing in mind he had been ill all week and there were plenty of other options.  I don’t think Rob Green or Heskey should have started either but now I think it will be difficult to drop either of them for different reasons.  If he drops Green for making a mess of a simple shot then he is being needlessly harsh on the boy which can have wide wider repercussions on his career [ like Scott Carson ].  It was a horrible error but can happen to anyone and doesn’t mean it will happen again.  Heskey , who would not have even been there for me,  was one of the better players against USA.  I would still bring in Crouch for him even though it seems unfair as he played better than Rooney. I got Heskey in the sweep for first goalscorer and tried to sell it but couldnt find anyone who thought the forward could score. For that reason Crouch has got to come in. We know Rooney is not ever going to get dropped so Heskey has to go back to the bench.Live Football Online

Wright Phillips was a strange choice as replacement for Milner as he has been out of the City side and not showing any form. I hope Fabio Capello gives Joe Cole his chance on the left this time as he is the best we have out there and always looks likely to do something.

So I am hoping for just two changes to the starting line up being joe Cole and Crouchy in with Milner and Heskey out.

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Rafa s got more lives than a cat

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It seems every few matches that I think to myself ‘that must be it for Rafa! ‘  He is making a mess of things on a very consistent basis but he seems to keep getting away with it.   It surely can’t last much longer.  His next two matches are both massive tests of character.  Stoke away is not for the faint hearted at the best of times. He will do well to get a draw there. Then a few days later its Spurs at home. That is usually a home win but at the moment Spurs are looking considerably stronger than the reds.  

If they were to lose either of these I would think they could say goodbye to the champions league spot, particularly the Spurs game as it really widen the gap between the two teams.

Unfortunately for Benitez he has Torres and Gerrard injured again for the matches.  He can’t pull in his most imaginative player Benayoun either as he is also injured.  Not that he has been using him as much as he could anyway. He is frustratingly unadventurous in his philosophy.

His biggest problem though is that he really has no goal threat without those three players.  He might get an odd goal from Kuyt or Babel, if selected, but they can’t be thinking they will score regularly.

Unfortunately he has sold plenty of strikers that are still playing well in the Premiership and not replaced them.  He should be embarrassed that Craig Bellamy, Peter Crouch, Robbie Keane, Emile Heskey, Michael Owen are all top strikers at clubs that are doing better than Liverpool.  

Its all very well saying he needs to be given money to invest in players but at some point he is going to have to be held accountable for wasting the resources he has already been given. It is undeniable that the strength of the squad has diminished in his charge.




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