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Would a draw be a good result in Switzerland?

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Tomorrow nights game in Switzerland is a more difficult one than many imagine.  Switzerland are a highly organised side that are proficient in not  losing games rather than winning games. Although they did beat the eventual World Cup Winners in a group game in South Africa.  They never looked in any danger of losing that game and will prove stubborn opponents.

With Rooney a doubt England’s  ability to unlock the Swiss defence will be in jeopardy.  There is a lack of imagination in the starting eleven with perhaps Adam Johnson a player who should be used to add the unpredictability that was sadly missing in South Africa.

It is difficult to say whether he should play ahead of the speed of Walcott or the crossing ability of Milner.  It might be Johnson that replaces Rooney if that proves necessary and the formation be changed to a 4 5 1 . This seems unlikely though as Defoe isn’t usually used as a lone striker.
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This will be a proper test of Capello ’s tactical ability. Making chances will be difficult so he will need to be inventive.  He might decide that an away draw against the second best team in the group is a good result and I think it probably is if we can win at home.

If I were betting I would bet on a 0 – 0 which won’t do much for Capello’s popularity but will be good enough in terms of qualification.

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Who should be thrown out of England set up ?

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Firstly of course Capello has to go  because he got so many things wrong , then went back on all the things he said he wouldn’t do, also crucially he isn’t English. He showed no sign of justifying the highest salary of the football managers at the World Cup. He looked like he picked the substitutions out of a hat.  So he can disappear immediately and take all of the rest of the Italian staff with him.

Secondly, John Terry can go too as he thinks he is bigger than the team and gets away with murder.  He played like a pub team centre half against Germany and really doesn’t deserve the special treatment that he receives.  He undermined the manager at a crucial stage of the World Cup and quite frankly any of the other centre backs would have performed better than he did against Germany.

Players that should never have gone to the World Cup in the first place like Jamie Carragher, Robert Green, Emile Heskey and Shaun Wright-Phillips.  Players with no England future David James and Ledley King.

Most importantly the people that appointed Capello at the FA need to go especially whoever sanctioned the change to the contract only 3 weeks ago.  These people don’t learn anything, don’t listen to the country and have nothing in mind other than money.   We need people in there that understand the principles of sport not business.  If you have a product that people can relate too the money will come naturally.  There was no clamour to appoint Sven from the public or Capello so why they feel they need to pay them ridiculous money is baffling.  These people have made our once proud nation the laughing stock of football.  How can you talk to players about pride in the shirt when we are not even proud enough to appoint one of our own as manager ?  We need to get these people out and get Englishmen in on sensible salaries not ludricous ones.Live Football Online

We also need to get Englishmen back into management positions in the Premier League and prioritising English boys as players to groom rather than importing them from all around the world.

Don’t forget this isn’t cricket. There is real passion for our country in football and we are in danger of diluting it.  The England cricket team may be happy to field a team of South African rejects but the football supporters are far more patriotic.  Lets get this sorted now.

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When will we realise Rooney isn’t Superman?

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The press who are currently crucifying Wayne Rooney should remember exactly who it was that kept telling us that Wayne Rooney could win the World Cup on his own.  The tabloids have built him up to proportions that far outweigh his ability.  His history for England shows no evidence to back up the ridiculous weight of expectation placed on the poor boys shoulders.   The evidence actually is that when the situation gets tense his brains go out the window.  He actually got sent off in the last World Cup Finals and we  ended up losing the match against Portugal and coming home.  He also decided to go and play left back  in Russia and gave away a penalty that cost us qualification to the Euro Finals. He has made big contributions to getting us knocked out of the last two tournaments.  So the expectation now should be that in a tense situation he is far more likely to do something stupid than good.   The press  and that loon Porky Parry on Talksport have added to his burden with their expectation forgetting that Sven had told us he could win the last World Cup . He didn’t even score a goal in that World Cup.
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He will surely be selected as he is ‘Wayne Rooney Superstar’ but he doesn’t deserve to be on current form and his temperament is a big risk.

Crouch and Defoe is a partnership that works and would probably have been too good for Algeria.  Picking a team to play around what suits Wayne Rooney, when on the latest evidence he can’t trap a bag of sand, could yet prove foolish.

Capello would do well to underline the fact that England are not a one man team and can win matches without Rooney.  I don’t think the weight of expectation is fair on him or shows any sign of turning out to be justified.

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England 3 – 0 Belarus – World Cup 2010 Qualifier

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Watch highlights and all the goals from the England v Belarus World Cup 2010 Qualifier from Wembley (14 October 2009).

England rounded off an impressive World Cup qualifying campaign with a comfortable victory over Belarus at Wembley.

Crouch grabbed his first from close range early on, before Wright-Phillips doubled the lead in the second half. The Tottenham man wrapped up Englands ninth win in ten Qualifiers on 75 minutes, after Carlton Coles shot was initially saved by Yury Zhevnov.

Duration : 0:5:12

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