Tottenham Hotspur Compilation

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A short history of Tottenham Hotspur, from 1972 – 2007.

Duration : 0:4:28

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25 Responses to “Tottenham Hotspur Compilation”

  1. spursyer26 Says:


  2. UnstoppableKeane Says:

    great video. come …
    great video. come on the spurs.

  3. blundellmalta Says:

    what is the name of …
    what is the name of the song ?

  4. tacoandbeer Says:


    You are a PUB TEAM! lol

  5. mexrider1 Says:

    And before you run …
    And before you run to mummy to explain. I have other things to do than waste my time with you

  6. mexrider1 Says:

    A natural pheominon …
    A natural pheominon for must women which you seem to know about and clearly experience.I will leave you with your one brain cell to get closer acquainted. Billy no life!

  7. imrankhan9999 Says:

    lol ok enjoy the …
    lol ok enjoy the rest of your period

  8. mexrider1 Says:

    imrankhan9999, i …
    imrankhan9999, i know your low IQ and self esteem must be too much of a burden for you to bare why dont you make like a tree and L… i mean f***Off and that goes for you to Sue22sue!

  9. imrankhan9999 Says:

    lol you’re a bit …
    lol you’re a bit dumb

  10. ManoTHFC Says:

    This is the best …
    This is the best video I’ve ever watched!

  11. gimelit Says:

    I too am Italian …
    I too am Italian and I feel an uncanny attraction for Spurs. I cannot account the reasons, but ever since I was child and I watched the TV highlights over the English FA League at the Italian TV in the ’80s, I gazed at that team with unusual (for us) white colours, and I fell in love with their offensive and generous football. I would like to attend Spurs at White Hart Lane before the forthcoming make-up. It must be a strong emotion.

  12. JoTheGod Says:

    i’m italian but i …
    i’m italian but i love the spurs…

  13. mexrider1 Says:

    see what?
    see what?

  14. sue22sue Says:

    harry redcrap …
    harry redcrap moaning again

  15. imrankhan9999 Says:


  16. mexrider1 Says:

    i take it that you …
    i take it that you are an Ar5ena1 fan or Chavski fan? make up ur mind luv

  17. sue22sue Says:

    ashley cole ,,, …
    ashley cole ,,,arsenal 1
    thfc 0

    the honeym00n is over

  18. mexrider1 Says:

    it took the …
    it took the champions to play at their best to beat us. stupid comment from the previous entry.

  19. imrankhan9999 Says:

    spurs 1 manu 3. …
    spurs 1 manu 3. honeymoon over

  20. intermilanista05 Says:

    tottenham are a …
    tottenham are a good team

    inter milan fan

  21. barca8215 Says:

    pinche equipo de …
    pinche equipo de mierda nadamas entre a este video para decirles que este pinche equipo no va a ganar la premier esta temporada ni la siguiente ni todas las que vienen se van a caer de sui pinche nuve y el croata luca me cae en los guevos pinche enano!!!!!!!

  22. chinessechicken1 Says:

    we are tottenham …
    we are tottenham super tottenham from the lane always have been always will be. we are the pride of north london the pride of london the pride of england and the pride of football its self WE ARE TOTTENHAM

  23. eskengRyder Says:


  24. voyceatlas Says:

    your an ignorant …
    your an ignorant dumb cracker… with cheese. why must people be like that cant we just get along? no cuz for some reason you think your better than the next person… your not pal… your not less either once you can realize that you should be ok. and i love all people i was just trying to make a point. your the ignorant which is redundant but you wouldnt know that cuz you are acting like one.

  25. arrDEEarrARR Says:

    I LOVE SPURS!!!!!!! …
    I LOVE SPURS!!!!!!!!!!
    Sadly, I live in Canada and have a low chance of playing in Europe or anything.
    I want ot but I have no clue how the system for picking teams of try-outs or crap like that.And just for the credit you don’t get fans like at 3:15 to 3:19 or at 4:00 when marshalls have to get the fans away from the players.Also soccer(football) celebrations are way cooler than hockey celebrations.

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