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Roman Pavlyuchenko’s first 10 goals for Tottenham Hotspur

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I apologise for the quality of the last goal.


Credit for video caps goes to: Sir ali_cdaman, visit for lots more goals.

Duration : 0:10:43
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25 Responses to “Roman Pavlyuchenko’s first 10 goals for Tottenham Hotspur”

  1. GoodnightIreneBRFC Says:

    Ooooooooooooh …
    Ooooooooooooh wheeeeeen Theeeeeeeeee Spurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!

  2. agony85 Says:

    Yeah, it was awful …
    Yeah, it was awful to watch him go off with an injury as well. :(
    At least Bale, Jenas and Dawson are back from injury now, and Modric will be in a few weeks.

  3. AreaClouded Says:

    Gio was injured v …
    Gio was injured v Preston

  4. agony85 Says:

    He has :D
    I’m sure …

    He has :D
    I’m sure he would improve way faster if Harry gave him a chance. Dos Santos is a winger, so I can’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be given match time. Dos Santos could easily replace anyone (except Lennon and Modric, of course ^^)

  5. mierda1615 Says:

    what about Giovani …
    what about Giovani the kid has improved

  6. apmattben Says:

    he is so much …
    he is so much better then huddlestone, jenus, and a mile better then keane, why cant harry bring him on.

  7. nffc44 Says:

    spurs r my favorate …
    spurs r my favorate london team. from a nottingham forest fan. but cumon spurs!!

  8. aleshqaaa Says:

    Roman we wait home …
    Roman we wait home in spartak moscow

  9. Kettyclub Says:

    Ohne Worte…. …
    Ohne Worte….without words….SUPER….awesome player

  10. 3Bogan Says:

    Пущай и дальше …
    Пущай и дальше продолжает забивать за Tottenham

  11. LePlusHeureux Says:

    His playing really …
    His playing really sends me!

  12. PdishmonkeyJJ Says:


  13. ardhiarmin25 Says:

    im arsenal fan from …
    im arsenal fan from malaysia..i congratulation to spurs because join arsenal at top of the league epl

  14. obdc82 Says:

    hey the queen …
    hey the queen i want 2 see gio in the team.

  15. agony85 Says:

    Pavlyuchenko and …
    Pavlyuchenko and Defoe both score plenty goals, but the team needs a playmaker like Robbie. Although he doesn’t score nearly as often as Defoe and other Spurs strikers, he plays teammates through and makes an occasional goal himself. Like Modric :)

    In my opinion, Keane should be guaranteed a position in the starting 11, whereas his companion should be Defoe. Pavlyuchenko is an excellent sub/reserve, but he doesn’t create much himself. He just slots the ball in.
    Crouch? I don’t see it happen.

  16. pauld77 Says:

    i agree
    i agree

  17. Tenchiii Says:

    I agree puchi, I …
    I agree puchi, I hope Harry gives Defoe/Pav a run, I do think that’ll prove to be a great partnership

  18. doodleplop800 Says:

    Oops, we just did …
    Oops, we just did it again ^.^

  19. countpuchi Says:

    Pavy + Defoe (Good …
    Pavy + Defoe (Good partnership)
    Crouch + Defoe ( Good Partnership)
    Pavy + Keano (Horrible)
    Crouch + Keano (We shall see)

    In either case i love the fact that Pavy stayed and wanna cement his place for first XI. He rocks~

  20. pertino Says:

    Really, even better …
    Really, even better, haha. I prove my point see the goal against olympiakos.

    Wanted to say before but coul’nt fit it in. Why do you think Hiddink wanted to break our arm off before when they said he was going Chelsea for some stupid knock down price.

    Well he’s already done better than Rebrov for me, lol – remember him, what a joke….oh we’ve had so many.

  21. AreaClouded Says:

    against West Ham :)
    against West Ham :)

  22. pertino Says:

    I hope he gets a …
    I hope he gets a chance, given a consistant run he will score goals.Technically sound, he get’s himself into to good spaces by reading the play so well (goals against liverpool)also he is CLINICAL with both head (Newcastle goal)and feet .Last of all he can turn defenders for fun, lol. It’s not on here, think it was a diferent game against newcastle (possibly not), and he just turns the guy with a beautiful first touch and bangs in the bottom left hand corner??

  23. yiddarmy21 Says:

    pavlyuchenko runs …
    pavlyuchenko runs about 20 yards a game please replace him with someone who runs at least

  24. cccp3er Says:

    yes, the name for …
    yes, the name for that is goalmaschine.

  25. MedeaLindenshield Says:

    If that match had …
    If that match had been on Sky againts Liverpool the commentary would have been awesome. There was no passion on setanta

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