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phil thompson reaction arsenal v tottenham 4-4

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phil thompson reaction arsenal v tottenham 4-4, please rate.

Duration : 0:1:18

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25 Responses to “phil thompson reaction arsenal v tottenham 4-4”

  1. mhy249 Says:


  2. steveN111333 Says:

    0:15 !!!!!! ” it’s …
    0:15 !!!!!! ” it’s a goal ” LOLOLOLOL

    Phil thompson cracks me up !

  3. MrSteve103 Says:

    long nose cunt,afc
    long nose cunt,afc

  4. ajjcj Says:

    yes keep quiet you …
    yes keep quiet you stupid arsenal fan! Or should i say:

    oui fan vous tenir tranquille arsenal stupide

  5. imperples Says:

    he has got a big …
    he has got a big nose thou…

  6. ajjcj Says:

    Arsenal’s trophy …
    Arsenal’s trophy cabinet – STILL unopened since you moved in. Who got to the 2006 World Cup Final? Oh, i do believe it was France, i wonder why?

    Anf fyi i am NOT a Tottenham fan – i am a Millwall fan, check out my videos if you do not believe.

    I just simply despise Arsenal.

    “Your just a French team in London”

    You will never win another trophy ever again! Your pathetic little trophy cabinet will still be unused since you moved in to your north London surrounded by eastern europeans!

  7. aashman201 Says:

    yeah, but which …
    yeah, but which team has more success. not tottenham, and not that twitching wanker ‘arry. so off back to your cave. retarded tottenham fans, and so what if we have french players, we had just the same in 03/04, and that team will always be remembered as the only team to win the premier league without losing. what about spurs, what will people remember about a team like tottenham, they come close every season and it all up. we are a french team in london, but also the best.

  8. danhardyy Says:

    to doza 2112
    mid …

    to doza 2112
    mid table? we are 4th.
    try getting your facts right

  9. ajjcj Says:

    So what was the …
    So what was the premier league like back in 1966 then? Did it also have more French players than English?

  10. doza2112 Says:

    How would having a …
    How would having a rule whereby all clubs had to have like 8 english players in their club make English football better?
    Every single player in the English team plays in England except for Beckham, so its not like theyre all going abroad because they can’t get in a team here. If the 8 English players rule came in, then the standard would drop dramatically, making our English players worse off as theyre now playing in a worse league.

  11. ajjcj Says:

    And England wonder …
    And England wonder why we haven’t won a major tournament or been to a final since 1966 when we have teams like Arsenal – DISGRACE to English football.

    Manchester United have 9 first-team English players.

    Liverpool have 9 (3 main)

    Chelsea have 8 with 3 out on loan making total of 11.

    You are a DISGRACE! The world knows it, France loves it, and Europe laugh about it.

    Arsenal – SCUM OF THE EARTH! I’m not even a Tottenham fan, i support Millwall, i just hate Arsenal as they are “la racaille”

  12. ajjcj Says:

    Tottenham English …
    Tottenham English players: Bentley, Huddlestone, Lennon, Jenas, Walker, Croach, Naughton, Defoe, Dawson, King, Alnwick and Woodgate.

    Arsenal English players: Walcott, Wilshere and Gibbs.

    Im not going to name them all, but you have SEVEN first-team squad French players.

    Tottenham’s most non-English amount of players from one country comes from Croatia, with three players. Not a single Czech plays for Tottenham.

    “Your just a French team in London”

    Also: English manager – French manager.

  13. doza2112 Says:

    Modric, Kranjcar, …
    Modric, Kranjcar, Gomes, Bassong, Assou Ekotto, Keane, Palacios, corluka. 7 players who are not english and who would be in your starting line up. But if a hypocrite. Arsenal play better looking football than tottenham, they spend a lot less than tottenham, and theyre higher in the league than tottenham. We have 3 starting French players… you have 3 starting Czech players. YOUR JUST A CZECH TEAM IN LONDON

  14. ajjcj Says:

    Arsenal’s trophy …
    Arsenal’s trophy cabinet is STILL unopened since you moved in, and will REMAIN unopened for many years to come.

    “Your just a French team in London, French team in London!”

    Arsenal are a disgrace to humanity in football terms. A DISGRACE!

  15. doza2112 Says:

    Robbie Keane: ‘We …
    Robbie Keane: ‘We have a stronger bench than Arsenal.’ hilarious. 3-0. No champs league for Spurs. Back to your rightful place in mid table now.

  16. jdsvensson Says:


  17. clungeal Says:


  18. jayinuk1976 Says:

    There seems to be a …
    There seems to be a lack of spud comments on here today…hmmmm…anyway, apparently Robbie Keane seems to think Tottenham are on a par with the gooners. Also he seems to think that Tottenham have a stronger bench…..I would have to agree with that, otherwise how the else would it support Huddleston’s ass.
    Any spuds that would like to take a big bite of my big fat juicy worm and reply, please feel free :)

  19. Dabadiestkidalive1 Says:

    Hahaha I TOLD U LOK …

  20. jamesthemod Says:

    Spurs were owned …
    Spurs were owned today. Maybe this will teach harry and the other spurs players to keep their mouth shut. Keane said something in the papers about spurs having better depth in squad that arsenal this yr. Er….ok. Enjoy match of the day tonight yids.

  21. azabee1 Says:

    3-0 to the arsenal, …
    3-0 to the arsenal,3-0 to the arsenal, SPURS ARE OFFICIALLY SHIT!

  22. gymkid1993 Says:

    3 NIL TO THE …
    3 NIL TO THE ARSENAL, 3 NIL TO THE ARSENAL! owned…completely!

  23. gosyboyere Says:

    i am a neutral …
    i am a neutral suporter between the two sides and i cant wait for tommorow. Its like a ford super saturday with two top 4 teams fighting it out and the football played is gonna be excellent.

  24. Dabadiestkidalive1 Says:

    Arsenal are gonna …
    Arsenal are gonna beat tottenham tommorrow

  25. irchywolf Says:

    I can spell just …
    I can spell just fine m8, it’s the way i txt. If i was writing a letter i would spell properly. You really are a sad muppet if you are criticizing people’s grammar on youtube . Can i suggest you go find yourself a life, im sure anything will be better than what you currently have. So off Nonce case

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