Beckham Interest surely tells 4 Spurs Players its time to leave

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The mere fact that Harry Redknapp considers that David Beckham can come to Spurs and get a game must surely tell the likes of Bentley, Keane , Kranjcar and Dos Santos it is time to head for pastures new.

Four very good international players that are younger , quicker and good enough for most Premiership teams but who can’t get a sniff of a start at White Hart Lane.   It must be very depressing for them to be considered less effective than the ageing England superstar.  Particularly Bentley who ousted Beckham from his England place a few years ago because Beckhams time was supposedly up then!  Beckham clearly hasn’t improved in that time so presumably Bentley has gone backwards a long way since he arrived at Spurs. Also gone backwards since the last time Beckham was linked with Spurs and Harry said he didn’t need him because he had David Bentley who is a terrific crosser of a football.

But why isn’t record Irish goal scorer Keane, World Cup star Giovanni Dos Santos or regular Croatian international Kranjcar a better option that Beckham.  I can’t explain it and I can’t see how Harry can explain it other than he brings a wealth of experience and a winning mentality.  I think the players he has there already have a winning mentality, they are doing very well and gaining confidence all the time.  They have just won 3 consecutive matches 2 of which they won with 10 men.  That is confidence, winning games when the usual tactic is to get 10 men behind the ball and shut up shop.
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I hope Harry has got it right because I would hate to see all the good work undone and I have a great respect for David Beckham. Personally I would rather see one or two of these other players given the chance to contribute. Giovanni Dos Santos was excellent in the World Cup and has hardly even made the bench. Recent comments suggest he is not even considered as suitable cover for Aaron Lennon which makes me wonder why he is even at the club as they don’t seem to rate him at all.

I can’t see Beckham being any more effective than these players and the adverse effect it would have on these 4 players confidence surely means that they are leaving or not in Harrys plans.  For a short term loan I think the cons outweigh the pros I am sorry to say.

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