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Newcastle Returns to Circus Mode

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It couldn’t last.  Newcastle United haven’t been on the front pages or headlines on the back pages for months.  Their penchant for the ridiculous seemed to be over.  Apparently not, the calm that Chris Hughton had quietly brought to bear at St James Park has been broken once again by the owner and chief villain Mike Ashley.

Chris Hughton was shown the door yesterday despite bringing order to a club in chaos, winning the Championship at the first attempt and guiding Newcastle to as good a start as they could seriously hope for. He has done an incredible job without being able to invest in players. He has brought Andy Carroll through to International football in a short time and he has shown many managers and players how to react graciously in victory as well as defeat.   The game will be worse off without him,  but hopefully just for a short time.
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Unfortunately, the game does have to carry on with the owner who wants somebody more experienced than Chris Hughton.  So it will be interesting to see which masochist is brave enough to run the gauntlet that is Newcastle United.  Chris Hughton has played and been assistant manager to some very good managers and has years and years working in the top flight so it is a big ask to find somebody more experienced.  Unless they have a very big name lined up and a pot of gold to spent in January I can’t see how they are going to finish higher than they already are.  It is a big ask for anybody to come in and do better with the current squad and a return to circus conditions.

I think the manager will have to be a real heavyweight for Mr Ashley not to come out of this looking foolish yet again. It will be an interesting few days on Tyneside.

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