Man Utd 2 – 1 Liverpool (FA Cup – 1999)

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FA cup tie from 1999

Duration : 0:2:53

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25 Responses to “Man Utd 2 – 1 Liverpool (FA Cup – 1999)”

  1. rooneyandr9 Says:

    How many games have …
    How many games have you filth won? like 1 in the last 9? LOL.

  2. TommyEinstein Says:

    Ronaldo costed …
    Ronaldo costed £12.24 million in the transfer from Sporting to Manchester United, he was sold for 80 million.
    Do the math and see how much Fergie got in budget just for that sale. Im very sure the yanks in Liverpool will give at least 20 to 30million to spend. Get a youth that is proven useful and sell him for 80million then.

  3. David85934 Says:

    GO Man u!!!!!!!
    GO Man u!!!!!!!

  4. bertieblunt77 Says:

    lol nice one
    lol nice one

  5. Cockel100 Says:

    I’m not really …
    I’m not really because there hasn’t been much wars to fight (i.e. the title race) except for last year. Rafa has made some bad mistakes but he’s also brought in good players. Rafa hasn’t got the money (unlike fergie) in the last two seasons to buy is own players as a result he’s had to sell his better players to buy others. Yes i will agree fergie is a better manager than rafa, hands down. But rafa hasn’t had the backing from those arseholes of american owners. Every1 has their own opinion

  6. Cockel100 Says:

    thats true but our …
    thats true but our replacement is injuired

  7. chatsworth1buccaneer Says:

    Cockel100 I think …
    Cockel100 I think you are like all Liverpool fans, obsessed with winning the battles instead of the wars. In my view, Benitez treats Liverpool fans like idiots. He beat United recently and thought right, that will keep the fans off my back and now I will concentrate on Europe, never mind about Fulham. LFC fans want the league more than anything, but Rafa just wants the European Cup because it looks better on his CV. United fans laughed about that Fulham result as we knew it would happen.

  8. Zhengda10 Says:

    Liverpool are …
    Liverpool are clearly missing Alonso a lot more than United are missing Ronaldo

  9. 2009unitedfan Says:

    Manchester United …
    Manchester United are the reigning English champions and Club World Cup holders, having won the 200809 Premier League and the 2008 FIFA Club World Cup. The club is one of the most successful in the history of English football and has won 22 major honours since Alex Ferguson became manager in November 1986. In 1968, they became the first English club to win the European Cup,

  10. Cockel100 Says:

    I just think your …
    I just think your forgetting that AC milan had a world class team of (compared to bayern munich) attackers as well as defenders they even knocked Utd out in the quarter finals before they met PSV and Liverpool. Liverpool had to go through Juventas (italianleague champs) and Chelsea (premierleague champs) before the final. Liverpool had a weaker squad compared to that Utd team. Utd had players like sherringham and solsjkar (can’t spell) to come of the bench and win it. Just my opinion.

  11. Cockel100 Says:

    1st of all i don’t …
    1st of all i don’t live in the city…i live in a town. 2nd yes i went to school and got into college! 3rd i can spell i just like to write in short hand because it’s easier. And no disrespect but i think it’s hillarious i’m being lectured by a CANADIAN on 2 premier league teams and whos better. I’d much rather speak to someone from europe about football because i think they would know much more than you obviously do!

  12. AeonXero Says:

    First of all, son, …
    First of all, son, you need to learn to spell. Go back to school in that hole of a city of yours so you can get a proper education so your vocabulary bank is at least half full of proper grammar.

    Second of all, yes, you do agree on most things United related, yet you also speak a lot of trash that doesn’t make sense.

    So what you came from 3-0 down? You did in 45 minutes. We came back to win it in 3 minutes. Son, you talk tough on youtube comments and this ain’t the place to do battle.

  13. jacksy1980 Says:

    Were struggling? …
    Were struggling? 2nd in the league, In the knockout stages of the champions league, and where struggling.
    Bit rich coming from a scouser, wasnt this year your year? Oh thats right, every year it’s going to be “our year” zzzzz

    Well least you got the FA cup and Europa league to play for, enjoy battling for 4th spot with City and villa, we will continue to struggle on as always.

  14. AufBowzer Says:

    I cant get enough …
    I cant get enough of this vid,Love beating them scous Cunts,Can understand why they hate us, we bossed them and the premier league for years,YOULL NEVER WALK ALONE HAHA,I get embarrassed when they start singing that soft twats, Gerrard would love to wear the UTD shirt and they all know it,DICKS

  15. tolstoythegreat Says:

    1:35 andy gray – …
    1:35 andy gray – dick

  16. Cockel100 Says:

    And yes i know we …
    And yes i know we are struggling….tell me about it its depressing! Last season was our season and we blew it around xmas…why? Because we just don’t have the squad Utd have. Take Gerrard and Torres out of the team this season and we’re fucked! But Utd aren’t the same this year…without rooney’s goals i don’t know what yer gonna do

  17. Cockel100 Says:

    I am not doubting …
    I am not doubting anything about Utd i just said it was mostly because of ronaldos goals last 2 seasons was the beating of most teams and the difference ye winning the league. And yes great comeback i watched it myself…hence why i said that was Utd’s best team by far! But i don’t think anyone can deny that Istanbul was the best. 3nil down at half time against one of the best sides in europe..sure they knocked Utd out that season in quarter finals.

  18. boscodit Says:

    and don’t say we …
    and don’t say we are really strugglin this year compared to ye desperate cunts…fuckin arse raped cunts…think all my FACTS are true…its a FACT

  19. boscodit Says:

    well you must have …
    well you must have definatley missed the european cup final in 99 then because it was without doubt the best way to win one.and yes ye won it but only once in last 19 years,do you remember 08??and the treble in 01??ya mean the plastic treble with no leauge in it or champions leauge?yes clearly only half the job we done…and sorry we have won three in a row i believe…no man can single handly win ait on his own…was he behind the other 8 we won before the last 3??

  20. SRG1997 Says:

    how did he die
    how did he die

  21. PaddyIrishMan2 Says:

    This was the first …
    This was the first Man Utd match I ever saw in person. I went with my Dad, I was 18. He died in 2001. We had tickets in the middle of the Liverpool section of the ground, and we couldn’t cheer any of the goals, because we would have gotten a hiding. Memories…

  22. Cockel100 Says:

    Missed what?
    The …

    Missed what?
    The greatest come back ever in the european cup final in 2005? Winning the treble in 2000/01? Battering ye cocky-faced mancs the last 3times (nand still counting) Yes i know we havn’t won the league…but to be fair the reason ye won it last 2 years was because of ronaldo…and don’t even think of saying it wasn’t because ye are struggling this year! So get your facts right mate

  23. boscodit Says:

    ya must have missed …
    ya must have missed something the last 19 years as well u dirty scouse bastid

  24. Crack1off Says:

    and what the is …
    and what the is a troll?

  25. Crack1off Says:


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