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Liverpool still Struggling – Why ? Hodgson or Benitez

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Liverpool lost again at home tonight and they are back in crisis.  Losing at home to Wolves is unacceptable to Liverpool fans and they are rebelling against Roy Hodgsons management with some even clamouring for the return of Benitez. 

   To compare Hodgson to Benitez is difficult and unfair.  Benitez had loads of time and boat loads of money and left Hodgson with not much to show for it.  Hodgson is charged with turning the remnants of Benitez’s side into a force with no opportunity to build his own team. He has had little time or support to do anything of his own making. It doesn’t seem as though he will be around long enough to spend any money on his own team.  I feel Liverpool made a wise choice to appoint an English manager and one that knows his way around both the Premier League and Europe. 

  I find it quite remarkable that anyone would press for Rafa to return.  He has been shown the door by Liverpool and Inter Milan in very quick succession and really has done nothing in recent times to justify the confidence some people have in him. Live Football Online

I hope that Roy Hodgson still gets a chance to do the job he has been appointed to do.  He has some top players that are not performing.  Fernando Torres and Joe Cole are very good players that have done virtually nothing this season for Hodgson.  The owners have to decide whether the manager is to blame or whether they should sell some of these players and get people that would be more interested in performing.  Unfortunately Hodgson sounds like a beaten man in his interviews and he needs to pick himself up as well as the players.

 I hope they don’t go down the route of appointing another foreign manager as I think it is bad for the future of the English game and one good thing Liverpool have tried to do is to get back to a more English base.


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