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If you run a team or a football club that has several teams the chances are you got your football socks with your shirts and shorts and probably paid them the least attention of the three.  Actually the football socks are the piece that need the most attention.  They are the most likely to get lost or ripped and need replacing.  Few clubs have the foresight to order extra socks with their kit.

My suggestion to you is that you shouldn’t be buying your socks with the kit but them separately particularly it you have more than one team in your club. Bespoke football socks give your club that little bit extra in terms of organisation standing in the football community as well. Any physcological advantages over the opponents are helpful and looking professional is one of them

Many of the kits offered today come with lesser quality socks imported cheaply from the far east and not necessarily sold cheaply.  You would do well to check the quality of socks if buying in this way.

My suggestion is that you can buy top quality custom socks with your club name or badge knitted into the socks here in the UK.  The job can usually be done in 3 to 4 weeks.   Your club could unify the look of the teams by all wearing your own unique club socks. You get to choose your own design. Quality is assured and you know you won’t have any problem re stocking if you need some more
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