Fortunes Changing for Many of the Top Teams

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It is amazing the difference 2 or 3 matches can make to the expectations of a Premiership football team. Only a couple of weeks ago Liverpool were right in the doldrums with their new manager rumoured to be having only a very short stayand about to be shown the door.  Now with a few fortunate wins under their belts they find the form to beat Chelsea  2 Р0 and deservedly so. A very competent display which thoroughly deserved the 3 points must have felt very sweet to the Liverpool faithful after such a poor start to their season.

Contrast Liverpool to Manchester City who have just been on a 3 game losing streak ,whilst without Tevez, after a promising start and Tottenham giddy from the heights of thrashing Inter Milan to losing to Bolton and we seem to be on for an unpredictable but interesting season with very few outcomes assurred.  Even at the bottom of the league there is not a side that looks doomed. The sides that have come up are doing remarkably well with Blackpool entirely unpredictable but more than holding their own.
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Arsenal have already lost 2 home games this season which is very surprising so with the exception of Manchester United and Chelsea who look like pulling away that the rest the race for 3rd and 4th spot looks to be the most interesting this season as was the race for 4th last season.

Now the pressure is on Arsenal , Spurs and Manchester City to come back with results to sustain their expected challenge and to juggle their squads effectively to cope with all the extra fixtures european football puts on them.

This could be the most interesting season for a while with such an open field.

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