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Just to emphasise that the Premier League isn’t the only place that can be entertaining , incident filled and that gets refereeing mistakes I have a couple of video clips for you that would be massive talking points in more high profile football. These 2 clips come from recent games in the Football Conference.
The first is a clip of match between Ebbsfleet United and Farnborough Town in which there is a sending off in just about the shortest time imaginable from the start of the match. Red Card in record Time .  It is just so unexpected and the left back must have got such a lot of stick afterwards for causing the situation to arise.
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The second clip is from a match between Blyth Spartans and Droylesden in which the referee and his assistant have a bit of a nightmare.  Probably the most obvious penalty for handball ever seen goes unpunished.   It is a clear sending off and penalty that somehow escapes the officials attention.  You can see why fans shout out  ‘ Are you Blind Referee ? ‘

Can you imagine if  either of these two incidents happened in a match between Arsenal and Manchester United ?  All hell would break loose !

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