Would You Buy A Ticket For An England Friendly?

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I find it absolutely amazing that the Match tonight is a sell out. The biggest sell out is by the FA who charge huge prices for non events leaving the people the customers bought the tickets to see at home on the sofa.¬† Perhaps the people that bought the tickets are expecting to be let down now as it happens so consistently.¬† I think even diehard¬† football fans find these games boring so ‘well done’ to whoever sold all the tickets and ‘get your bumps’ felt to those who bought them.

I haven’t found these games in the least bit interesting since Sven turned them to farce several years ago. It just seems a pointless exercise when there is proper competitive football available to watch and this rubbish is just in the way.
Apart from exploiting their own customers the FA also insult our opponents by playing a reserve side against them. How would the FA feel if we went to play in Ghana and they didn’t put their best team out. I don’t know where we get this arrogance from as we consistently fail at International football.
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It is an inconsistent arrogance too because we always think that we need a foreign manager despite making two appalling appointments. Anybody that makes somebody the highest paid manager in the world that can’t speak the language is incredibly stupid. The reality is that those players could easily have got the same results with a dustman as manager. Preferably an English dustman please FA if you read this and think it is a masterplan. Capello out – Dave the Dustman in !
I don’t see the point of international football anymore when all the allegiances are bought rather than native. Players play for any old country that asks it seems and managers are just mercenaries.
Personally, I wouldn’t be vaguely interested in spending my money or wasting anybody elses on watching the non events that England friendlies have become. I won’t even watch it on TV because it is a pointless match. Roll on the weekend and some proper football.

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