Can the away team ever get the rub off the green at Old Trafford?

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When you complain about decisions going against your team after they have lost there is always that element of sour grapes. Whether it is against Manchester United or Blackpool in always sounds like excuses. Unfortunately at Old Trafford it has become an annual event for Tottenham and is very often the same for other teams too. If there is any rub of the green to be had it is to the team in red.

Having suffered at the hands of Mr Clattenberg before at Old Trafford when Pedro Mendes had his winning goal played on it was speculated pre match that he was a disaster waiting to happen and so it proved.

This time the referee allowed Nani to get away with diving then get away with hand ball and play on to score.  Gomes was culpable too here for assuming a free kick and not playing to the whistle.    However the linesman clearly pointed out to the referee that a handball had occured and he chose to ignore it and give the goal. I am not sure what the point of the linesman is if he is over ruled on such a blatantly simple point.   It is clear that Mr Clattenberg showed favourism to Rio Ferdinard by allowing him to listen to his conversation with his assistant whilst shooing off the Spurs players and booking one of them for a very reasonable protest.
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I am convinced like many others that away teams can’t get those sorts of decisions at Old Trafford and that the dice are always loaded towards the home team.  Harry Redknapp will no doubt be fined for stating the obvious about the refereeing but he is not as scary and powerful as Sir Alex Ferguson so will never have the benefit of this sort of refereeing.

Is that sour grapes? Possibly it is, but Ferdinard shouldn’t be any more important than Modric.  John Terry appears to be allowed the same privilege by some referees too and it is time it was stopped.  Manchester United would probab;ly have won the game anyway but it is a shame that we again are talking about home bias by the referee at Old Trafford instead of what until then was a pretty good game

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Isn’t it supposed to be this simple ?

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Why was it news that Manchester United chose arguably their strongest side for last nights semi final? Isn’t that what they are supposed to do ? Isn’t the game more meaningful to the supporters that pay their wages when they do? What a great reward Manchester United fans got last night by not adopting the ‘big time Charlie’ attitude towards the domestic cup competitions.  The speculation that they only put that side out because they were playing City leaves us with the notion that it is more important not to lose a derby than it is to win the cup.  That is only guesswork though and we won’t know what value they put on the cup until the team for the final is selected.

It was nice to have a Carling Cup game that was clearly being taken seriously.  Gary Neville kicked it all off last week with his unwise comments. Tevez duly bit him on the bum with 2 goals in the first leg. Manchester City’s top executive Mr Cook then showed that he could be just as moronic as any footballer and invited United to bite his bum, during a televised speech from New York, which they duly did last night. Nobody is surprised when Gary Neville spits tribal junk from his mouth he is a footballer he is not supposed to have brains.  Presumably Mr Cook is paid to use his brains but he must have left them somewhere over the Atlantic.
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I shouldn’t be too critical because it all adds to the flavour of the match and it was a good one with a cracking atmosphere, goals , incident and excitement. I hope the clubs recognise that is what the supporters actually want and pay for and not the half baked attempts that are often served up. In fact this game was exactly what Cup football should be about every time.

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Ferguson Bad Loser and Terrible Winner

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Alex Ferguson is hailed as the best manager of the last 20 years and rightly so. However we all know he usually sends someone else out to face the cameras if United lose and rarely offers credit to the opposition .  He doesn’t often lose gracefully. Managing Manchester United you would have thought that he would have won enough games to win gracefully though.   A fortunate win helped in no small part by the referee saw Fergie and Gary Neville jump about like kangaroos on speed.  Rubbing City’s nose in it seemed to be his aim both on the pitch and afterwards with the press.  Quite why this was necessary is a mystery. If ,as  he maintains, United are superior to City the result was a fore gone conclusion and therefore unworthy of the delirium that followed Michael Owens late winner.Live Football Online

Mr Ferguson could do worse that take a leaf out of Michael Owens way of dealing with the outcome of any game which offers no smugness in victory and some generosity in defeat. I was pleased to see Owen get a break because he never deserved all the criticism he has received and the journalists can have a week off telling us he is finished. 

Maybe he will grow up before he reaches retirement but I doubt it. Or maybe being a bad loser is the reason we wins so many.


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