Arsenal Fans Getting Impatient With Wenger

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Arsenal fans are beginning to lose patience with the professor and a home defeat to Spurs is just the sort of thing to add fuel to the fire.

Despite the attractive passing game that Arsene Wenger continues to deliver the obvious lack of a top quality goalkeeper and strong centre back remains their downfall.  It is a problem that  has been clear to all for quite a while without anything being done about it by the manager.  At most clubs being 3rd and just 2 points off the top would be considered a great start to the season but at Arsenal the expectations are much higher.  Also they have already lost 3 home games this season which is unthinkable and nobody would have expected.  The lack of steel was evident as Arsenal surrendered a two goal lead to lose 3- 2 and it was clear they needed somebody to rally the troops and didn’t have the character on the pitch.
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Surely he will be forced to do something in the January window though it seemed odds on that he buy a goalkeeper in the summer and he let the chance slip by. He is 2 players away from being good enough to win Premiership and he must know that.  The question is will he do anything about it ?

Arsene Wenger is his own man and isn’t forced into making decisions to be popular or because they are commonly held views but any more slips will force his hand as the tide of opinion grows against him on the terraces at the Emirates.

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Change of Fortunes for Top Teams

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It is absolutely amazing the difference 2 or 3 matches can have on  the expectations of a Premiership football team. Only a couple of weeks ago Liverpool were right in the doldrums with their new manager, Roy Hodgson, rumoured to be having the door shown to him after only a extremely brief stay.  Now, having had a few fortunate wins under their belts they somehow discover some form to beat Chelsea  2 – 0 and deservedly so. A very solid performance which thoroughly deserved the 3 points must have felt very sweet to the Liverpool hardcore after such a terrible start to their campaign.

Contrast Liverpool to Manchester City, who must be under the moon, who have just been on a 3 game losing run ,whilst without Tevez, after a promising start and Tottenham giddy from the heights of thrashing Inter Milan to defeat at  Bolton and we seem to be on for an unpredictable but interesting season with very few results assurred.  Even at the other end of the league there is not a side that looks definitely doomed. The sides that have come up are doing remarkably well with Blackpool entirely unpredictable but more than holding their own.
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Arsenal have already lost 2  games at The Emirates this season which is very surprising. With the exception of Manchester United and Chelsea ,who look like pulling away,  the rest will race for 3rd and 4th spot  which looks to be the most interesting this season as was the race for 4th last season.

Now the pressure is on Arsenal , Spurs and Manchester City to come back with results to continue  their expected challenge and to juggle their squads effectively to cope with all the extra fixtures european football puts their way.

This could very well be the most open season for a while with such an equal field.

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Liverpool 0-2 Arsenal – League Decider (1989) – Live Footage

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CAUTION: Not suitable for Liverpool or Tottenham fans! :)

One of my all time greatest footy matches, I was only 8 years old at the time but remember it like yesterday. Alan Smith got the first, and Michael Thomas got the crucial second goal late on in the game, what a night that was!

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“Thomas charging through the midfield, Thomas, It’s up for grabs now, Thomassss”

Commentary by Brian Moore and David Pleat.

Duration : 0:9:42

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AZ Alkmaar vs Arsenal FC 1:1 ( 20.10.2009 )

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October 20th 2009 ( UEFA Champions League ): AZ ALkmar vs Arsenal FC 1:1 ( Cesc Fabregas, David Mendes Da Silva )


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Duration : 0:3:50

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Carlos Vela Best Arsenal Goals 08 09

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My Top 3 Carlos Vela Goals 2008/2009

Duration : 0:3:43

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NEW!!! nike ad arsenal

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gr8 ad bt i think weve established it is not a real person, it is talent from the nike gear – feel free to argue tho!

Duration : 0:2:1

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The Arsenal Pledge

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The 2009/2010 season is here and Nike’s top athletes are ready. They’ve set themselves targets and pledged their ambition. They’ve even put pen to ball and signed the T90 Ascente which will feature in every Premier League fixture. Check out Arsenal’s pledges in this film then make your own at

Duration : 0:0:37

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Arsenal-Olympiakos 2-0

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Van Persie and Arshavin

Duration : 0:1:29

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Whats so bad about diving ? says Blatter

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Sepp Blatter says diving is not too much of a worry in football and that there are more serious concerns to be spending time on.   As is the trend in football a topic gets seized upon and done to death. Since Eduardo took a little trip to Fantasy Island there has been a huge amount of chat about diving. The authorities decided they knew better than the referee so they brought him up on charges only to drop them.

Thank goodness for that. Blatter, for once talking sense, was right to say that the authorities shouldn’t be intervening in this sort of case. He really didn’t go far enough, he should have said that they should stop  totally giving themselves power to make up new rules  as they go along.  They should not be re refereeing games and undermining referees in general.  The referee should be the only person who decides whether the rules have been broken when he is in charge otherwise he is not in charge.

So what if Eduardo dived and the referee got it wrong ? He probably got 3 or 4 other decisions wrong in that game but they are not all up for debate.  If you have to look again at every injustice in a football match we would never get any sleep because people can’t always agree even with the help of slow motion replays.

I bigger worry than diving is the ability of the governing bodies to indulge in their own self importance.

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Arsenal – Olympiakos 2-0

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Duration : 0:7:31

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