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Just to emphasise that the Premier League isn’t the only place that can be entertaining , incident filled and that gets refereeing mistakes I have a couple of video clips for you that would be massive talking points in more high profile football. These 2 clips come from recent games in the Football Conference.
The first is a clip of match between Ebbsfleet United and Farnborough Town in which there is a sending off in just about the shortest time imaginable from the start of the match. Red Card in record Time .  It is just so unexpected and the left back must have got such a lot of stick afterwards for causing the situation to arise.
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The second clip is from a match between Blyth Spartans and Droylesden in which the referee and his assistant have a bit of a nightmare.  Probably the most obvious penalty for handball ever seen goes unpunished.   It is a clear sending off and penalty that somehow escapes the officials attention.  You can see why fans shout out  ‘ Are you Blind Referee ? ‘

Can you imagine if  either of these two incidents happened in a match between Arsenal and Manchester United ?  All hell would break loose !

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When will we realise Rooney isn’t Superman?

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The press who are currently crucifying Wayne Rooney should remember exactly who it was that kept telling us that Wayne Rooney could win the World Cup on his own.  The tabloids have built him up to proportions that far outweigh his ability.  His history for England shows no evidence to back up the ridiculous weight of expectation placed on the poor boys shoulders.   The evidence actually is that when the situation gets tense his brains go out the window.  He actually got sent off in the last World Cup Finals and we  ended up losing the match against Portugal and coming home.  He also decided to go and play left back  in Russia and gave away a penalty that cost us qualification to the Euro Finals. He has made big contributions to getting us knocked out of the last two tournaments.  So the expectation now should be that in a tense situation he is far more likely to do something stupid than good.   The press  and that loon Porky Parry on Talksport have added to his burden with their expectation forgetting that Sven had told us he could win the last World Cup . He didn’t even score a goal in that World Cup.
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He will surely be selected as he is ‘Wayne Rooney Superstar’ but he doesn’t deserve to be on current form and his temperament is a big risk.

Crouch and Defoe is a partnership that works and would probably have been too good for Algeria.  Picking a team to play around what suits Wayne Rooney, when on the latest evidence he can’t trap a bag of sand, could yet prove foolish.

Capello would do well to underline the fact that England are not a one man team and can win matches without Rooney.  I don’t think the weight of expectation is fair on him or shows any sign of turning out to be justified.

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When was the last time Manchester City had 3 players starting for England?

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** This is for my step-dad **

He asked me to ask if anyone knows the last time Manchester City FC had three players all starting in an England match.
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Thanks :)

Last night – England v Belarus ;) .
Wayne Bridge
Gareth Barry
Shaun Wright-Phillips.

Funny Football Injury

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Kid runs into a shed and takes a shot to the mouth. He ends up getting 10 stiches!

Duration : 0:0:44

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Flamengo “Campeão Brasileiro” 2009 Hexamengo ! Adriano Imperador Chora Com a conquista do Tìtulo Ignore Tags: Equipes Participante do Campeonato Brasileiro 2009 Série “A” : Atlético/MG – Atlético/PR – Avai – Botafogo – Corinthians – Coritiba – Cruzeiro – Flamengo – Fluminense – Goiás – Grêmio – Grêmio Barueri – Internacional – Náutico – Palmeiras – Santo André – Santos – São Paulo – Sport – Vitória Milan vs FC Barcelona 0-0 Highlights 16.09.2009 Ignore Tags: FC Barcelona 2-0 Manchester 27/05/2009 – C. Duration : 0:3:46

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Sergio Ramos Goal (1-0) Real Madrid Vs Almeria 05/12/09 La Liga BBVA

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Real Madrid’s defender Sergio Ramos celebrates his first goal this season against Almeria during their Spanish first division soccer match at Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid December 5, 2009. sur 2009 0-0 0-1 0-2 0-3 0-4 0-5 0-6 0-7 0-8 0-9 -10 1-0 2-0 3-0

Duration : 0:1:18

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Do you think what happened to Chelsea is the things to come with Manchester City?

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Before the Roman bought Chelsea, Chelsea sucks, truly sucks. Now, everybody is singing that bloody song, Chelsea, Chelsea. By the way what is Manchester City song?

Blue moon…you saw me standing alone! Chelsea was a fair old team, before Roman, but nowt to write home about – in fact, it was the fans who made the news on account of the racist sections thereof. If City pull it off (no pun intended), just hope fairweather fans from Carlisle to Truro don’t crash in on their (hopeful) victories. In fact those lot can carry on going to Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge!
Looks like City is now the ‘Andy Murray’ of the Premiership, at this moment in time.

What players would you pick in you’re fantasy Manchester City team ?

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If you could pick any starting eleven world class players to add to you’re Manchester City squad who would they be ?

A fantasy team is usually based on your favorite players but I am going to pick what I think Man City should line up with not a bunch of superstars you need hard workers too.

Formation 4-2-2-2

Goalkeeper: Kasper Schmeichel (back up Shay Given) if you ever saw what the old man did you would pick this guy straight away age is the only issue to young!

Right Back: M.Richards
Centre Back: Laursen(Aston Villa)
Centre Back: Garry Neville(Man U)
Left Back: Capdevilia(Villarreal)

Defensive Mid Right: Marcos Senna (Villarreal)
Defensive Mid Left: Vincent Kompany

CAM Right: Kaka
CAM Left: Stephen Ireland

Striker Right: Robinho
Striker Left: Bellamy

Subs: Given, Dunne, Elano, Wright-Phillips, Sturridge

The Cure was more painful than the injury

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Several years ago I  was the victim of a heavy tackle on my ankle and it turned over  damaging my ankle ligaments. At this time sports physios were not as common as they are today and the only one I knew had a waiting list of at least a week.  He used to treat people in his garden shed, in High Wycombe, in the evenings a couple of nights a week. It could be absolutely freezing and you would be desperate to get under the heat lamp. Anyway, I was  hobbling quite badly so I decided to go the doctor and try and get it sorted immediately. Even that took 3 days to get an appointment but he sent me down to the hospital for an x ray the same day. Huge mistake! 

They decided the ligaments were damaged and that the ankle needed support. They wrapped the leg in a very long sticky bandage that went from under the middle of my foot right up to just underneath the knee. They told me to keep it on for 2 weeks.  This was no problem apart from the occassional itch.

The problem came when it came to taking it off.  They recommended getting in the bath and soaking the bandage before removing. I did it but if this was help I would hate to think how it could have been worse. First I tried unpeeling it from the top.  Now I wouldn’t consider myself hairy but any slight touch on the bandage and every hair on the leg seemed to get pulled. It was extremely painful.  It wasn’t like a little plaster that you might have on a cut that you might rip off quick and get a short sharp pain. It was wrapped and wrapped and wrapped and stuck to every single hair on my leg.

So I tried to peel from the bottom thinking that there isn’t any hair on the foot at least. Wrong ! The top of the foot did have quite a bit of hair for a few minutes longer. The water was starting to get cold and I had probably only unpeeled about a quarter of it.  I couldn’t even take a break from it because the unravelled bit flapping pulled the hair anyway now .   It was so painful just pulling about quarter of an inch  I could see me being in the bath all night.  So I got out and found a pair of scissors cut a bit of the flap off  and pulled the bandage away and tried to cut the hair individually. It was still painful but not as seriously painful as the other way.  This was awkward and still incredibly slow and I was having to top the bath up with hot water to stay there now.  Next and final plan was to give up on the bath.  I went and sat on the toilet cover with a razor blade in between my fingers and literally shaved my leg as I was pulling back the bandage. 

About 2 hours later I was finally free of the bandage, had one hairy leg and one as smooth as a babys botty, and had endured such agony that I had totally forgotten I had a bad ankle.

So needless to say I don’t go to the doctor with sports injuries anymore. 




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The 5 silliest excuses for not playing football on saturday known to man

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Having played and managed local football teams for more years than I care to mention I have heard plenty of reasons why people can’t play this week.

the silliest ones that I can remember are

1 Johnny can’t come today because his tongue is stuck to the freezer. I have just called the fire brigade

2 I have been biten on the finger by my tropical fish

3 I stepped on a hedgehog on the way back from the pub last night

4 A violinist damaged my hearing. I feel off balance some of the time

5 I thought it was you but I followed the wrong car and ended up at a wedding


If you have sillier I would love to hear them

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