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There is a growing amount of people starting to watch football live on PC because of the convenience and low cost. Especially with the World Cup and games going on in work time it is a great way of catching games for a small annual fee.  There are a number of companies offering this service but I spotted one for £9.99 [$12.99] per year which gives all the matches you can watch plus access to radio stations and films from around the world. It is a fabulous package for very little money.

  This service is showing all world cup games but also will show all premiership, champions league, La Liga , Serie A etc games as well.  Really for the sort of money to join, if you are any sort of a football nut, you would have your moneys worth in under a week in my opinion.  That is why live football streaming is taking offLive Football Online

If you are anything like me you like your football on a saturday afternoon at 3 o clock  as much as anything.  TV stations never show at that time in the UK. With this you can watch your favourite team live at 3pm. Wonderful !

to find out more click on Watch Football Live on PC


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World Cup Vapors

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All the talk is of the Vuvuzelas that are unmissable at the South Africa World Cup but another unmistakeable ingredient are the orange heels on so many of the players boots in the games.  I have never ever seen so many players wearing the same boots in any football match before. Nike seem to be dominating the footwear department at this World cup with the unmissable orange and metallic purple boot that has been launched for the occasion.
Live Football Online

I have been astounded at the amount of players from all countries that are wearing them.  I think it was the Algeria / Slovenia game that I thought maybe half the players or more were wearing them.  England had their fair share too wearing them.

If you want to get your own pair like Wayne Rooney they are called Mercurial Vapors.  You can find a link to them here at World Cup Vapors

Purple Vapors of the boot Kind

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When watching the highlights of this weekends football action I couldn’t help but notice that there were purple vapors everywhere. So many of the top players are wearing them all of a sudden that they just seemed to be in the thick of all the action.  Nike are either doing a good job of picking which players to wear them or they are so bright you can’t miss them , I am not sure which.  They are so different that you can’t help but notice them because they are purple and orange and very striking.  Officially the Mercurial Vapors are violet/ orange /obsidian in colour but they look  purple to me and very eyecatching. I believe they are the latest model of the popular  range and you can read more about them at Mercurial Vapors VI
Live Football Online

mercurial vapors VI

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Size 12 football boots – Bargains

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Top Ten Size 12 bargains

Here is list of bargains for anybody lucky enough to have size 12 feet.  There are some real bargains available and I have found one to suit all pockets.   Just click on boot name to go to the full descriptions

                                                Sale Price                  RSP               You Save


 Nike Tiempo Mystic                      £19.99                  £49.99                  £30

 Puma V-Kon                               £19.99                  £39.99                  £20

 Puma King Gold                          £29.99                  £89.99                  £60

 Adidas F30.9 TRX fg                     £29.49               £59.99                  £30

 Umbro Speciali                            £34.99                   £79.99                  £45

 Nike Ronaldinho Dois                   £39.99                  £109.99                 £70 

 Nike Talaria                                £39.99                   £74.99                 £35

 Puma King xl SG                          £44.99                   £99.99                 £55 

 Puma King xl FG                          £59.99                 £119.99                 £60

 Mercurial Vapor                            £59.99                 £129.99                 £70 

 Adidas Predator Powerserve           £79.99                 £129.99                 £50



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Football Socks Sale

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There is a January Sale for football socks and if you run a team you can pick up some real bargains.  The sale is aimed at clearing specific excess stock so the listings are sets of 15 , 16 or whatever the stock figure is.  They are an absolute bargain if the colours fit in with your club .  Socks are UK made in stock and ready to ship from Milton Keynes within 2 days of payment.

The example above is £32 for a set of 16 including UK delivery.

There are lots of similar deals for football socks in various colours and sizes

Of course this stock are also just as easily called rugby socks or hockey socks.  

They are a bargain whatever you call them.


This is a a great team socks supplier as you can probably tell.  They will supply very quickly any stock items as all stock is made in the UK.


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January Sale footballs! Mitre £2.99 ? ?

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Any manager of a team would want to know about this I think because there is a great sale on just at the moment. I think its only for the next 2 weeks of training balls and match balls.

If you are running a team and need some footballs I have just come across a great deal. Mitre Pro Trainer which is a £12.99 ball for £2.99 . It is only for kids teams though as its only size 3 or 4. You won’t get a better deal than that anywhere. But if you need a size 5 there is mitre malmo at £3.99 which I know is great value too.

The match balls are all half price too!   get over there !

I think you might even get a further 5% if you use this link extra discount on footballs . Don’t hold me to that though. Anyway,it shows you all the sale footballs inluding half price max and ultramax match balls 

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Mercurial Vapors

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Nike Mercurial Vapors are a football boot design worn by players at the very top of the professional game. Here are just some of the players that wear these boots Frank Ribery ,Carlos Vela, Luis Fabiano , Andrei Arshavin, Niklas Bendtner , Cristiano Ronaldo , Nani , Luis Jimenez , Robinho , Zlatan Ibrahimovic , Aaron Lenon , Craig Bellamy ,Gabriel Agbonlahor , Diddier Drogba, Ben Arfa, Ashley Young and Quaresma 
Mercurial Vapors are a lightweight design made to suit the quick and skilful type of player. The picture shows the French wing wizard Frank Ribery in his bright pink Mercurial Vapors clashing horribly with his red Bayern Munich strip.

The boot is designed to be lightweight yet with a sturdiness that gives the necessary support in the right areas.  Mercurial Vapors are available in quite a variety of colours with new colours released on a regular basis.  Although the quality of the boot remains constant you may be able to pick up a bargain by choosing a less recent colour. Generally the older the colour the cheaper it gets. New colours hold their price and are usually available at around £120.  If price is more important than colour then have a quick look around before you buy.  Video here showing some colour choices of Mercurial Vapors

ps I must remember to buy football socks for the team

Kids Football Socks

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If you run a kids football team and require kids football socks then I can point you in the right direction. There is a specialist online socks shop that only sells to teams.  So if you want 12 pairs or more of kids football socks you are in the right place. You can buy from the massive choice on offer or have your own design made if you are prepared to buy at least 30 pairs. Or as I write this in January you take advantage of the Football Socks Sale that is currently on that offers a price of £1.50 for people that can buy 24 pairs at a time.

All these socks are made in England of the highest quality material. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you would get cheap foreign socks like those supplied with many kits. This is all good stuff.  Watch the video of Boys Football Socks

Nike Mercurial Vapor football boots

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Nike football boots are some of the most popular boots in the world. They are worn by professionals and park players alike.  Take a look at this review site of 3 different types of Nike football boots including the Nike Mercurial Vapor football boots

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Bespoke football socks

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Bespoke Football Socks

 There is now a  different way to give your club a unique look and make your club stand out from the rest of the crowd. Bespoke football socks can be knitted to your teams design with a minimum order as low as 30 pieces and 25 pieces of a size thereafter. On  offer is a quality range of socks with a jacquard customising service as an added and very popular service.

  If you wish to have your club name knitted into the hose there are various options.  Firstly there are two different sizes of lettering you can make use of.  The smaller size is 16mm and the larger 23mm.  Letters can be knitted either horizontally or vertically and either on the sides or the front or back.    Obviously the larger the club name the more likely it is that you would need the smaller lettering.


small lettering options

 both sides horizontal = 4 letters on 2 lines maximum

 front Or back  =  6 letters on 2 lines

 both sides vertical = 12 letters maximum

 front Or back vertical = 12 letters maximum


large lettering options

 both sides horizontal = 3 letters on 2 lines maximum

 front Or back  = 5 letters on 2 lines

 both sides vertical = 8 letters maximum

 front Or back vertical = 8  letters maximum


This Bespoke football socks service is being utilised by football clubs, hockey clubs , rugby clubs, schools and colleges.  With clubs having several teams and sometimes teams at lots of age groups it has become easier to buy bigger numbers of socks and give your club a unique look and identity in your area. 

If you have a club with two teams of more its definitely something you should consider because these socks are probably less expensive than the socks you would buy with a branded team kit and they do a branding job for your club at the same time. Clubs so often look rag tag at tournaments by turning up with different kit for every age group and its totally unnecessary.




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