What Difference Would An Early Penalty Have Made To Spurs ?

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Three penalty appeals turned down early on and a brave opening onslaught saw Spurs make a brave attempt  to make a game of it against Rel Madrid at White Hart Lane.  What a difference an early goal would have made to the very vocal and supportive atmosphere with the crowd urging their team on.

Bales early appeal was hopeful but fouls on Modric and Roman Pavlyuchenko should have brought penalties as Real Madrid struggling to contain a buzzing Spurs side.  Who knows how the level of excitement might have changed if even one of those had been given.

The longer Real Madrid held out the calmer things got and slowly they found their way into the game.   At half time the tie looked beyond Spurs and not long after Gomes made another howler to allow a Ronaldo shot to slip through his hands for a goal the shot did not deserve.  Game over and although Spurs tried to look willing and showed commendable spirit the game petered out.
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I feel Spurs beat themselves in this tie rather than being beaten by a superior team.  Crouch causing the tie to over very early with his sending off and Gomes making a mistake in both games costing 2 goals.   Also if you need to score goals I still feel the man most likely is Jermaine Defoe and he wasn’t on the pitch.  Sandro must consider himself unlucky not to start because he has been the best player for the last few matches.

It has been a great adventure for Spurs and I hope they can repeat what they did last year to qualify when they were given no chance of beating Chelsea , Arsenal and Man.City yet beat them all.

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Gareth Bale becomes World Famous

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Gareth Bales demolition of Champions League ‘Defender of the Year’ twice in a fortnight has resulted in huge coverage and outlandish praise for the young Welshman. This morning the newspapers , TV and radio are only talking about one man. For once Manchester Uniteds exploits take a back seat as Bales pace and pinpoint delivery destroyed Inter Milan at White Hart Lane.

Bale went passed Maicon, the Brazilian international defender, so easily so many times that the crowd were singing ‘taxi for Maicon’.  Poor Maicon looked like he was playing in cement boots as Bale tore pass him time after time { I won’t say ‘time and time again’ because I think Alan Hansen has it copyrighted} .

This morning, as there was a fortnight ago when he scored a second half hat trick, the speculation is that Spurs are not a big enough club to hang on to him.  The bookmakers have opened books on which club he will join and I suspect with every good performance he puts in this speculation will gather momentum.  He seems a great quiet boy who has found a place to flourish.  I hope he realises that and gives himself time to grow where he is.  I have heard Spurs described as a selling club today and that means it is only a matter of time before they sell him.  There are few clubs in the country that spend as much as Spurs so I am not sure how that conclusion is reached.  As far as I can see the players that have left in recent years of their own free will are Carrick and Berbatov who both went to Manchester United not because Spurs are a selling club but because they wanted to play in front of twice as many fans every week and play Champions League.  Well Spurs are Champions League now and the outlook is brighter than previously so I don’t see that the same pulling power exists anymore.
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Bale is a greater prospect than either Carrick  or Berbatov, both of whom have had mixed fortunes since switching to Old Trafford.  He is going to have a great season and long Spurs career.

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Goal Line Officials Add Chaos Instead of Clarity

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The goal line officials added only chaos and confusion to the match at White Hart Lane last night between Spurs and FC Twente. The extra officials deployed in European matches are not only unnecessary but yesterday proved to be an extra distraction for the referee to handle. With there strange batons they looked more like gay continental policeman than football officials  and might as well have been.

They seemed to have a big part in awarding Tottenham their 3 penalties but strangely then appeared to not pay attention as the penalties were taken.  The main function of the goal line official is presumably to watch the goal line.  For the first penalty, which was saved , his job was to watch the goalkeeper , I would assume. Clearly he didn’t think so as the goalkeepers movement went unchecked.  This is a non-job with maybe 5 minutes work at most in 90 and the only time he was actually needed he didn’t act.  He and his little friend at the other end did voice their opinions on the penalties it seems but they really aren’t needed for that.  You can’t decide penalties by committee it is bound to lead to confusion
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These officials need abandoning as a pointless waste of time and money with immediate effect

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